Training on SaaS/Cloud Computing Agreements, Software Licenses, and Other Tech Contracts – to Close IT Deals Faster and Better

Salespeople want technology deals done faster. So do CFO’s, corporate counsel, and the rest of the contracting team, with fewer hours and other resources spent, and better contracts. The solution is training — for contract managers, salespeople, financial executives, and lawyers. A negotiator who doesn’t understand a clause can’t easily compromise or horse-trade. Good training helps negotiators think creatively, and craft useful contracts quickly.

The author of The Tech Contract Handbook, David Tollen, provides training on drafting and negotiating IT contracts. His courses are plain-spoken, energetic, and user-friendly, for both businesspeople and lawyers. They use the book as their primary handout. Mr. Tollen has provided programs to Google, the California CIO’s office, BMW’s Silicon Valley licensing team, state and local bars, and a long list of technology industry groups and companies.

The one-day course covers all the terms generally found in IT contracts, including indemnity, SLA’s, limits of liability, and data security. Mr. Tollen also provides a two-day course, which adds instruction on negotiation in general: a Getting-to-Yes-type program, provided in collaboration with Linda Netsch of Align Consulting, who works with the Harvard Negotiation project and Stanford Law School.

For more information, please contact Mr. Tollen.