The forms below are available for professional use at no charge, and they don’t require purchase or use of the book. Each can be customized easily to serve roles beyond its current drafting.
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Form Contracts
Clauses & Online Policies
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1. SaaS Terms of Service, Simple: vendor-friendly; simple; online execution

2. SaaS Terms of Service w/ Sub-Customers: vendor-friendly; system access for customer’s own customers/clients; online execution

3. End-User License Agreement (EULA) w/ Maintenance: vendor-friendly; maintenance plan; source code escrow

4. Distribution License Agreement (VAR): value-added reseller / distribution as embedded component; provider (vendor) -friendly

5. Software License, Customization, & Maintenance Agreement: software license w/ integration or other customization; short maintenance terms; source code escrow

6. Hybrid Cloud Agreement w/ Professional Services: SaaS + licensed software; professional services for implementation & customization; vendor-friendly; system access for customer’s own customers/clients

7. Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement: easily transformed into 1-way NDA

8. Staff Confidentiality & Assignment Agreement: employee (but easily modified for other individual staff-member); broad assignment/ownership transfer; one-way NDA

9. IT Master Services Agreement: professional services; multiple statements of Work; ink signature

10. Statement of Work Form: contract attachment for use w/ professional services agreements

More coming soon …

A. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): typical

B. DMCA / Copyright Notice Policy: Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy; typical

C. Privacy Policy: typical

D. Data Management & Security Clause: comprehensive; customer-friendly; customer’s excluded data warranty

E. Indemnity Clause: all typical claims; tech IP from vendor; content IP and harassment/defamation/spam from customer; mutual re data breach and personal injury (status-based & conduct-based)

F. Work Product Assignment/Transfer Clause — Limited: short form

G. Work Product Assignment/Transfer Clause — Broad Transfer: assignee/customer-friendly

H. Assignment/Ownership Clause — Existing Assets: pre-existing materials (not work product)

I. Source Code Escrow: deposit & updates; verification; license; release conditions; some terms often found in separate escrow agreement